Mission photos

In the following, some mission photos from "Vel Ment" (in Danish, meaning "With the Best Intentions") are reproduced. I am working on an English translation.
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From a nightly road-mission, with complex liberation:


Burns patient (80% 3rdDegree) intubated after initial prolonged cool-water therapy, transported with helicopter (here awaiting acceptance from a suitable clinic).


Complex rescue from slippery ground of severely traumatized patient, showing interimistic bridge and rescue chain.


Rescue of patient with spinal fracture, utilizing the scoop stretcher after cutting off the roof of the car.


Complex rescue from a water reservoir with small aperture of a patient with instable spinal fracture: the rope in the middle exerts larger traction while the patient is lifted up with the other two ropes, attached to a scoop stretcher under the vacuummattress.


First "pirate anaesthesia" (so called why offending all guidelines to anaesthesia while possible to be carried out on a sinking ship during the battle): Threatened by a trembling wall, an ultrashort anaesthesia was needed for rapid rescue of the buried worker with a fractured leg.


Before this severely injured paraglider could be removed from the high-voltage cables, the electric supply to a nearby village had to be interrupted. For that, everybody waited for one hour - but any rushy measure would have killed the patient and endangered the helpers.


Our helicopter (latest edition)


Accident by the Baregg-Tunnel (by Zurich), by permssion of the Swiss Air Rescue (REGA)

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