After the Storm is Before the Next One

The summer 2006 was full of violence – in particular related to the Israeli war against Palestine and Lebanon. Probably in order to divert public attention from the horrible war crimes committed on that occasion, the summer was also full of pseudo-terror attacks – terroritis prevailed. Many countries proudly reported ‘last-minute’ saving from terror attack – Canada [[1],[2]], UK [[3],[4]], Australia [[5]], Germany [[6],[7]], Denmark [[8]], Norway [[9]] and, of course, the United States [[10],[11]], the home of terroritis. Nobody were harmed by these assaults, except the alleged ‘terrorists’ and the stupid population which did not protest to the inconvenience and the progressive loss of civil rights, generally demanded by the politicians as an inevitable component of terroritis.

       Was it really all terroritis? Have we not been saved by a single of these spectacular police actions? Let me turn it around: until otherwise proven, it must all be considered terroritis, since it generally all is! The police covers all details behind darkening of the case – but should we give credit to that? The experience won by several similar cases justifies utmost suspicion toward the special police forces, carrying the misleading name ‘intelligence.’

       But now, towards the end of September 2006, it has become rather calm on the terror-front – at least, outside the Middle East. There was an attempt to create a new ‘clash of the cultures’ because the Pope utilized a complex argumentation [[12]] and certain circles never let go an opportunity to stimulate a conflict between Christianity and Islam. This resulted, among others, in the burning attacks against five churches in Palestine –under the auspice of the Greek Orthodox Church and not the Pope [[13]], but that did not matter to the ‘intelligence’ behind the attacks [[14]]. Fortunately, the Pope managed to silence the quarrel fast, strangely helped by the Iranian President Ahmadinejad – or perhaps not so strange, considering who would else profit from the trouble.

       In the (for Europe) comparatively peaceful interregnum, the United States made another step towards the absolute police-state. On September 27 the House of Representatives and the day after the Senate voted for a new bill, which broaden the definition of enemy combatants beyond the traditional definition used in wartime, to include non-citizens living legally in the US as well as those in foreign countries and anyone determined to be an enemy combatant under criteria defined by the president or secretary of defense [[15]]. They are playing the war game, justifying their injustice by making it part of their ‘war against terror,’ ignoring the constitutions demand that only the Congress can declare war – anyhow, the Congress is corrupt and the Constitution generally ignored.

       But for the election in the United States in November, the small terror threats and Al Jazeera (Qatar) videos of various phantoms – past or present – may not suffice. The faked presidential elections showed that there are limits to the reliability of the hacked Diebold’s voting machines. It must therefore be expected, that a ‘big bang,’ a real terror act, may occur in October. The only slight comfort is, that when Bush & Company are asked about their part in 9/11 and later, major terrorism, we can expect a confession: water-boarding has now been legalized!

September 30, 2006
John Schou