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August 2004 was the first month of making my notes on "what really happened" - mostly after findings of the web presentation by Michael Rivero. After one year of making it in Word, I transferred it to Excel for faster sorting out of the various chapters.
In 2007, I have renamed the calendar "Alternative View." This is in reaction to the concern, frequently expressed by friends, of my apparent paranoia. Whereas the news tranfsferred by the Mainstream Media (MM) show one side of the occurrences, this shows another side, occasionally also cited in MM, and it is up to you to keep informed - often without necessary knowing, where to find the truth. In any case, it is an enrichment to see the news from the other side.
The majority of notifications are now getting a link. An unusual source is now labelled X - which source, you can see in the link.The vast majority of texts are in English but German is also frequent, Danish, Swedish and French may appear (after all, I am making this for myself, you are cordially invited to read what you understand)
Rivero's and my comments are given in red, my own comments also with special {bracketts}.

“Alternative View” was created 2004 in suspicion of increased censorship, reflected by mainstream media’s cover of ‘The War against Terror’ [Chap. 3] and 9/11 [Chap. 2]. Nourished by this suspicion, it has gradually increased to 30 Chapters, covering such aspects related to the degradation of civil rights [Chap. 4], Iraq [Chap. 5], Lebanon and Syria [Chap. 6], Afghanistan [Chap. 7], the former Soviet Union [Chap. 10], the rest of Europe [Chap. 11], Latin America [Chap. 12], USA & Canada [Chap. 1] and Africa [Chap. 13]. Special attention is focused on Israel & Palestine [Chap. 15] and their interrelation abroad [Chap. 16], Israeli undercover activity [Chap. 17] and topics related to (mostly Israeli) racism [Chap. 18]. The American Inquisition (the torture scandal) [Chap. 25], Iran and the new WMD-ghost [Chap. 26], Libya [Chap. 30] and environmental matters [Chap. 27] are other entities [Chapters 14, 19, 21-24, 28 & 29 not specified here]. Of basic importance to current trends is the globalisation and the financial crisis [Chap. 20], where central questions are not posed (e.g. who do we owe the money and how? Who gets rich by the crisis? Why are central banks private?).

Reading the “Alternative View” calls for critical evaluation of its content, but it also makes it evident why such criticism is so much more necessary when evaluating the propaganda items presented by the mainstream media.


AV stopped with this edition  

AV stopped with this edition  

Chapters used in the presentation:

1 Big Brother’s Reign
2  9/11, Al Qaida and the late Osama bin Laden
3 Terror since 2002 except Iraq & Palestine
4 Terroritis and the destruction of civil rights
5 The War in Iraq
6 Syria & Lebanon
7 Afghanistan, Pakistan & India
8 Far East
9 New Zealand, Australia & Pacific
10 Russia and other Former Sovjet Union states
11 Europe (rest)
12 Latin America
13 Africa (except Mediterranean States) 
14 Other Islamic states
15 Israel and Palestine
16 Jewish influence - Israeli War-Crimes
17 Israeli Spies
18 Racism, Thought-Crimes, Apartheid, Holocaust Industry, Hate-Crimes
19 Mainstream Media - Censorship
20 Economy
21 Medicine
22 Computers, Internet etc.
23 History
24 Various
25 Torture Scandal - The American Inquisition
26 Iran (previously in Chapter 6, until Israel's war of words)
27 Environment, Globalisation
28 Weapons (from taser to nucclear arms - whether 'depleted' or not)
29 Election & Vote Fraud

 30      Libya

Living conditions in the apartiheid state,
as reflected in 'Alternative View'
in the 6 months Nov 09 - Apr 10

In this period, the racial suppression and
ethnic cleansing by Israel turned even more aggressive

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