The  Tunnel  and  the  Cave

Why be verbose when one can be succinct? Medical writing taught this author a different style, ideal for many modern readers. The first part of the book relates to science and medicine. Here are small excerpts (“ ”) or plots from the stories:


Rudolph Rednose: He can hardly move and only grunt. One day, this grunting is used for writing and it is realized that an intelligent observer has been muted for a long time. Unfortunately, he has also observed too much ...

How Are You - Today? There are illnesses you would be better off to forget about, though it may be difficult to do so if everybody keeps asking this question ...

Dysthanasia: Don't be afraid of euthanasia. Modern medicine is characterized by the opposite: the inability to withhold therapy; this may then prolong life or, rather, the process of death.

A B-Man's Nightmare: The ultimately fused UNIHOCO (Universal Holding Company) dominates this world which is also characterized by a strong classification of persons. You are in Group B !

A Matter of Concentration: Drowned in an increasing flood of computerized letters and strained by rationalized work, it becomes difficult to concentrate.

The Emperor's New Rules: Prof. Kaiser established his position with the introduction of new principles for research. Now he is promoting everyone who follows these rules and completely dominates his scientific area.

Explosive Departure:If you want to know something about landmines, just ask Olsen. He has produced mines for a long time and one day decides to utilize them for getting rid of certain personal problems.

Is There A Doctor Onboard? While the plane is over the Atlantic Ocean, the captain suddenly raises this question.

Nevaljashka: The name of a Russian doll which rises again after each blow. Ideal properties for a human, too.

The New Earl of Balmore: Not only Balmore Castle but also the associated title can be adopted by relatives for an apparently moderate sum.

The Tale of the Tie: The story about how the most successful piece of textile was created and what it can be (ab)used for.

A Smell of Money: Imagine you could create a machine which smells like a dog. Perhaps a brilliant idea but the world is not prepared for it; conversely, what it is prepared for cannot be brilliant.

A Strange Reward: Jensen is diagnosed with an awful disease and prefers to leave this world while still being in a position to decide about it. However, he does not want to commit suicide but decides for another, strange option.

Nightly Departure: A beautiful stroll through the bright Danish midsummer night, driven by a not so brilliant background.

How the English Language Got Its Strange Tune: “... He was a calm and respected person, difficult to mislead, and having made a decision he kept to it, even when it proved to be wrong.”

My World-Famous Modesty: "... It is a fact that you can proceed forward by modesty, but it is important not to hide this quality, so that somebody will notice it."

Called to the Boss: “... Brian was back at the centre of the colleague's circle. He would probably never advance beyond that.”

Promotion: “... And now, up there in the old people's asylum, they again started to mention that I was ‘the young newcomer’.”

Justice in Lawainia: “... Although charging everybody else for irresponsible behaviour, neither lawyers nor judges were ever associated with any responsibility themselves when erroneous verdicts resulted.”

Jack the Ripper's Parting Notes: Who would believe that the one who is thought to be a primitive creature murdered for the purpose of the highest poetical intentions? Another vainful author misjudged.

The Tunnel Turned Out to Be a Cave: “... I went myself through what I believed was a tunnel, and as I expected finally to see the lights at the other end, I realized it was a cave.”

Later tales:

The Last Container: "... If there is a 'last container,' there must have been a first one, too, perhaps even some in-between," Grandpa said.

Visit from Cassandra: Her fate was to know the future - and nobody would believe her warnings.

Good Old Days:... Are you the mother of Ernst Braun?” He had exercised this start of the crucial conversation hundreds of times and still, as the woman nodded, he failed to find the succeeding words he had planned to use.

The Witness Statement:... But now I remembered; the killer was ... me!”

The Research Victim: "... Conversely, I should prefer that unethical research is forbidden, then you’ll see that it is still possible to find something else. Anyhow, all these considerations do not bring back my poor Troels."

Sporty Events: Returning from the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936, a sports journalist tries to warn about what is brewing there; but the Danes prefer to hear about the Olympic Games.

Resurrection: "... and then you may ask, how can I tell about it now? Well, to be on the safe side, I wrote everything down in advance as I still could."

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