When did you start writing?

I was born in Charlottenlund, a suburb to the Danish capital Copenhagen, in 1951, and I have been writing with or without reason at least since I was 12. Later, as a physician, I wrote several scientific articles, book-chapters and three books, but certainly not fictional. In 1992, I started with various short-stories. With the diagnosis ‘multiple sclerosis’ (MS) in 1996, I intensified this activity.

How do you explain the dominating interest in 9/11?

After 5 years, my disease had progressed so much that a continued occupation as anaesthetist was no longer possible. I had for almost 20 years been a consultant at a German hospital, but on 9/10/01 I gave up. Therefore, I was at home on 9/11 and had plenty of time to inform me about it the following time. Sometime in the coming spring I elaborated and later revised a script (Who were Responsible for 9/11?) which I sent to friends. It was probably too big to be read and later versions, while bigger and richer, even more so. Because it is essential to understand this crime, which altered so much in the world afterwards, I decided to smuggle it in by another way: fictional literature.

How was your main book, Duodecameron, conceived?

It tells about a man, who by mistake is sent to an asylum for opponents to the New World Order, where all are kept constraint in an isolated mountain village. The man listen – himself unprepared – to the new companions and finally understands that the official story is fake. In this novel, some short-stories are embedded. I wrote this novel in Danish 2005, while in Chandolin, the highest-lying village in Switzerland. Falling to find a publisher, I translated it to English 2006 and to German 2008.

In what kind of a world do you now live?

My perception has changed radically since 2001. Now it is a World where terrorist attacks occur, but mostly under influence of the organizations, which actually had the task to prevent them – the bigger the assault, the more intense their involvement probably was. Their intention thereby is to greater means in juridical alteration (destruction of civil liberties) and economical support (budgetary increase). Almost all political parties in the West made a big step to the right. Thereby the news media and politicians underlie a strange kind of censorship in tolerating (or actively supporting) the misery.

How did you publish 10 books in 2012?

In 2012, I was gradually losing my ability to write and decided therefore to publish all the resting manuscripts. Early 2013 I compiled 80 manuscripts to my latest publication: “The American Inquisition and other Essays” (