Earlier subjects of the Truth Score

The Truth-Score was introduced in June 2005 in reaction to a growing irritation of mainstream-media's [MM] obvious treason towards their paying readers. Since 9/11 (which was quite obviously the deed of the American government towards its own citizens), the MM have spread lies on an increasing amount of sensitive issues, in turn stimulating the creation of numerous 'blogs' (web-logs), not being so impunent towards their readers. This homepage is not a blog but I want to join the protest in revealing some of this propagandistic game.

Starting in 2005, the following subjects have been dealt with:

Vs. 05/06

1. The Downing Street Memo / Minute (presented in Sunday Times May 2005) and later leaked documents, which prove that Blair and Bush agreed upon the Iraq attack in July 2002.

2. The crooked American Elections (Nov. 2004) with hacked election machines, exit polls contradicting the final results and many other manipulations.

3. The Israeli land-grab around Jerusalem (eternal process) and other aspects of terror against the Palestinian inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza.

4. The framing of innocent drivers as ‘suicide-bombers’ in Iraq (Mar. 2005), loading their vehicles with later remotely ignited bombs

5. The torture-scandal in Afghanistan (May 2005), where an innocent taxi-driver was hung up in his feet untill he died – as symbolic for many other imprisonment scandals in the wave of so-called terroritis.

Vs. 05/09

1. The terror attack in London (July 7, 2005) was, of course the big story - but did your paper (after a few initial days) mention the terror-drill, the Israeli warning and Israeli secutity-companies?

2. The execution of Jean Charles de Menezes (July 22, 2005) was planned before he entered the station. There he walked normally, did not wear a bulky coat and even bought a newspaper before entering the train. Then some policemen and security officers with a licence to kill stormed in and emptied 7 shots to his head and on in his shoulder. Fortunately, some mainstream media did bring the revised story. Was your favorite one of them?

3. The scandals of New Orleans have partly been described in the media. No, the Hurricane was not send by Al Qaida, but the money were needed for the war in Iraq and for presenting the Israeli government money for their wall, while New Orleans was not given any. But did you know that the pResident, when he finallly arrived after some days, was posing for a photo session? After he and most of the presstitutes left New Orleans, the military stopped distribution and pulled down their standings.

4. The Downing Street Memo / Minute (presented in Times) and later leaked documents, which prove that Blair and Bush agreed upon the Iraq attack in July 2002. Blair confirmed their autencity but refused to step down. In Denmark, Mr. Frank Grevil, former member of the Danish defence intelligence, confirmed that the government was informed that 'weapons of mass destruction' were not present in Iraq, but this news, reported only by one paper, was suppressed and Mr. Grevil sentenced for having published sensitive informations. The guilty for having sent young men to Iraq on basis of a lie are still in the government.

5. The framing of innocent drivers as ‘suicide-bombers’ in Iraq (Mar. 2005), loading their vehicles with later remotely ignited bombs. In the American-controlled area, their is a third force, directed against everybody else (including American soldiers). An interesting aspect - did your media cover it?

Vs. 05/10

1. The terror attack at Bali (Oct 1, 2005) - did your paper mention that the bombs were released by remote control and that the 3 "suicide-bombers" may not have been aware what they were tricked into (analogy to 7/7) ?

2. The British soldiers arrested in Basra (Sept 18, 2005) - did your media [in its enthusiasm of the liberation of the two from the 'suicide mission' plus 150 other prisoners] mention why they were arrested? They were disguised as Arabs and driving a booby-trapped car with remotely served ignition attached, which was probably foreseen to explode in the centre of Basra. Moreover, they had shot two policemen who tried to stop them, one of whom were killed. You better stop talking about 'suicide-bombers' until otherwise proved.

3. The Hariri-report (Oct 20, 2005) - did your media tell you, that mr. Mehlis' report was based to a large part on a convicted criminal who then boasted of his million-reward afterwards, that Mehli in 1996 was involved in protecting American and Israeli agents in his prosecution after La Belle terror attack in Berlin, 1986, and that foremost Israel has the motive, technology and logistic for managing the attack?

4. The Plame scandal uncovered (Oct 27, 2005) Lewis Libby, Chief of Staff of VP Dick Cheney, has been charged with revealing of the identity of Valery Plame as a secret agent. Much more interesting is the relation of this case to the lie of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, the reason for going to war in 2003. Did your paper inform you of that aspect, too?

5. The Iranian presidents call to wipe Israel off the map (Oct 25, 2005), was a weak quotation in comparison to racist remarks by the Israeli prime-ministers. In 1947, Israel was created by the UN along with a Palestinian state. In the subsequent war, ~800,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed and the Palestinian state had been forcibly 'wiped off the map,' to use Ahmadinejad's phrase - but of course, your media is not so 'antisemitic' to mention it ...


Vs. 06/01

1. The terror attack in Amman (Nov 9, 2005). What is strange in this case is, that the only inside photos published were taken from the Radisson SAS hotel, which shows the greatest damage from the cealing coming down. Was one bomb a car bomb? The limited informations is in itself strange. Two hotel bombs were possibly released while the electricity was turned off. As usual in this corner of the World, Al- Zarquawi was given credit for the bombing (he probably died in April 2003 but the phantom is being extensively used and may thus point towards the responsible culprits).

2. The Torture Scandal (Nov-Dec 2005) - here your media finally had the chance to score some points, because, peculiarly, the MM did report on various aspects. But let us make it a little more difficult: as finally Condi Rice on her trip to Europe in early December (it must have been a torture for her) admitted that some wrongdoing may have occurred - no no no, we are not even sure about that, - did she then expressively forbid torture, also outside America, or did she pack it in some phrases that again made any interpretation possible? And did she check up the issue with Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld in advance? And now to the relevant question here: did your MM report on such details?

3. The German U-Boat deal (Nov 19, 2005) - hardly noticed by the media, the last deed of Gerhard Schröder as a chancellor, only hours before leaving office, was to agree on a weapons sale of two U-Boats to Israel, which has already 3 of the possibly nuclear weapon equipped vessels. What do they need them for (to threat the rest of the World?) and why did they get them for 1/3 of the price?  But  the  question here is just:  did your MM report of this new threat to the World?

4. Big Brother's Action in the USA (Dec 2005) This is not only a crisis of the citizens (being spied upon) and the pResident (having ordered this action in obvious contrast to the constitution) but also of one MM, the previously celebrated New York Times. Yes, they reported of the crime, but simultaneously, they admitted to have withheld information for a complete year. The first question is: which of the following questions should be posed?
A. Why did they wait so long? B. Why did they publish it at all?
The answer to A can be seen in the reaction of the pResident. Although he admitted the crime, he found that revealing it was a crime in itself [kill the messenger]. The answer to B can be given even more concise: Having waited for long to see his scoop on print, the investigative journalist, James Risen just published a book on Jan. 5, 2006 [
State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration] and the NY Times had to come out with 'their' story before that. Did your MM really enlighten the scandal or is it already archivized?

Except for lying about the reason for war, stealing the election (twice) and being complicit in 9/11, this constitutional breach is a new reason to impeach the pResident. However, given the alternatives, there is little hope for a radical change in Washington. One of the reasons is found in the following item.

5. Awareness of Exceptional Corruption in Washington (Jan 2006) The lobbyist Jack Abramoff brought the topic up. We shall not talk about his crimes towards the Indians he should have represented, the money diverted to crimes in Palestina or the presence of Atta & Co. at his casino-boats a few days before 9/11 (do I smoke a rat?). No, it is the mere existence of lobbyism, which inevitable points toward a huge level of corruption in the USA. An average senator must raise 9,000 $ a day to pay his next election campaign (did anyone say grassroots?). He does so in receiving money from the lobbyists as payment for lending ears to their clients. Where is the difference to corruption? But of course, your MM kept you fully informed of this background?

Vs. 06/03

1. The NSA spy scandal (Jan 5, 2006) puts Nixon's Watergate in a shadow - from the criminal deed, not from MM's reaction. After Watergate, a special juridical control should approve all secret eavesdropping and in no case, a request was denied. Still, the Bush ordered NSA to spy in a large order without this special juridical instrument. The culprit (the man who twice stole the election for presidency) admitted his deed, which should have made him susceptible to impeachment (already suitable after he lied his country into war and even more for complicity in 9/11). Instead, he let the justice dept. elaborate a declaration, legalizing this crime two weeks later.

2. The reincarnation of the favorite phantom (Jan 20, 2006). Did your MM put doubt about the authencity of this cheap trick? Osama probably died of kidney failure on Dec. 16, 2001 at Tora Borah in Afghanistan and only faked tapes, even using various actors, have appeared since then. But while we are in that corner of the World, did your MM criticize the use of a remotely controlled killer drone in a souverain nation (Jan 13), which killed 6 children, among some alleged Al Qaida members? But there may be little time to criticize - look up in the sky, maybe there is a drone just over you, ready to punish you for reading this page!

3. Racistic excesses (Nov 3, 2005). Quite inbelievable, a French court forbade a book against racism (L’autre visage d’Israël) with the claim that it ignited to racism. For those with a still open mind (only a limited part of humanity in 2006) I warmly recommend warmly Shamir's book in the English (Flowers of Gallilee) or German version (Blumen aus Galliläa), but better hurry up, maybe the burning of books will also spread to other countries.

4. Samarra-Shrine destruction (Feb 23, 2006) Did your MM emphasize that there has been a curfew from 8 p.m. till 6 a.m. in Samarra for months, and that especially the whole night before the explosion (which happened at 6:40 and 6:45, certain troops had patrolled the inner part of the city; and that this was a time-consuming demolition, involving several hours of preparation?

5. Nucear missiles on Israeli Submarines (Mar 11, 2006) That Israel was in possession of nuclear weapons is well-known and still was never admitted. In the beginning of March it was revealed first that the out-going German Chancellor Schröder's last deed in office was to present (OK, sell, but to 1/3 of the value) another Dolphin submarine with nuclear capacities. On March 11, it was then admitted that the three Dolphins already  in the pirate's possession were deployed with US-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads - in 2005 already. The Israeli commander proudly announced that it can hit targets overseas, so you better pay what they demand, or else ... Combining this with the hipocratic concern of the Iranian nuclear power-plant, a repetition of the WMD-rethoric before the Iraqi war, and the election in Israel at the End of this month should give rise to great concern. Was this reported in your favorite MM? This combination of news are the reason for my hastened presentation of the truth-score, originally foreseen for April. I do not believe that the Israeli hawks are satisfied with their illegal action in Jericho on March 14, by which a Palestinian prison was demolished, 3 men killed, at least 18 wounded and about 200 abducted under Abu-Ghraib similar conditions (naked, blindcuffed and handcuffed on the back on trucks), an action which started 10 min. after the British and American monitors left - but of course, you have been told that?

Vs. 06/06

1. Above the Constitution (April 30, 2006) Bush is the first US-President in modern times who has never vetoed a law - instead, he invented a new (unconstitutional) trick: the signatories. After signing 750 laws (10% of all in his stolen position as acting President), Bush added a comment that he did not find himself bound by any limits posed by the same law. It was first reported by Boston Globe but else, MM largely failed to mention it.

2. Killing the man who played Al Zarquawi (June 8, 2006). After producing an amateur film with a youthful Al Zarquawi, who walked fast and totally undisturbed - quite amazing for a man with an amputated leg. A few weeks later, a dead person was shown resambling this actor - had he tried to blackmail his benefactors? He was claimed to have emerged alive from the hole left where his house had stood, which had been pulverized by two 500 lb bombs. Did your MM put doubt about the authencity of this cheap trick?

3. The Pentagon bank-spying scandal (June 23, 2006). The NSA telephone surveillance scandal (which was, at least, reported by leading MM) had not been forgotten, then this was added: Pentagon had spied on international bank transfer - also outside Europe. Republican law-makers suggested that the journalists revealing the scandal should be tried and that the laws should be changed to make the forbidden allowed - which is impossible retroactively.

4. Ignorng the High Court ruling on Gitmo (Feb 23, 2006) Guantanamo at Cuba, Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Bagram in Afghanistan, torture at these three prisons symbolize what an awake public now consider 'American values,' replacing former ones. Interestingly, the American Supreme Court, in spite of its recent neoconservative replacements, voted that Guantanamo should be closed and the military tribunals were unlawful. What did the Bush adm. do? It chose to ignore it. Did your MM emphasize that this government sinks progressively deeper into criminal behaviour?

5. Which is the terror organization in Palestine? (June 28, 2006) After the democratical election in Palestine at the End of January 2006, large parts of the International Community followed Israel's suggestion to boycot the new government, arguing that Hamas was registered as a terrorist organization. Hamas has kept an armistice for 1 1/2 years now, while the Israeli part has emphasized that this was a unilateral measure, permitting them to kill Palestinians on a daily basis while stealing their land. You must be blind and deaf in order not to recognize, who is responsible for the terror in the Holy Land now. The consequence must be to register the Israeli government as a 'terrorist conspiracy' and, on the basis of the ongoing land grab to nullify earlier recognition of what has turned out to be an apartheid regimen much more malignant that the South African had been as it was worst. The Israeli government can then be characterized as 'the illegal ruler of Palestine.' Of course, this will not happen, but did your MM at least inform about the terror of the Israeli regiment?

Vs. 06/08

1. Israel's war against Palestine (June , 2006): Using the abduction of an Israeli soldier as reason, and following a prolonged aggression to provoke the reaction, Israel started a virtual war against Palestine, destroying the infrastructure of Gaza and killing an enormous amount of civilians. They then arrested 6 ministers and several parliamentarians. Did your MM tell you that the arrest had been planned several weeks before the war started?

2. Israel's war against Lebanon (July 12, 2006): In an incomprehensive, large-scale war, Israel bombed the Infrastructure also of the neighbouring Lebanon, simultaneously killing hundreds of civilians. Again, abduction of soldiers was given as reason for these war-crimes. Did your MM tell you that the Israeli military, at the time of this abduction, was patrolling on the Lebanese side of the border?

3. Israel's war against Europe (June-July, 2006). Israel has proven to be real masters of destruction. Both in Gaza and in Lebanon, they have destroyed incredible amounts of bridges, roads and industry facilitis, apart from their blood-thirsty adventure (which also claimed European and Canadian lives). Who are going to pay for a preliminary repair of these structures? Certainly not the ones who inflicted it. Already, many items financed by the European Union have been turned into rubble. The European leaders have not considered that this war ("Israel has the right to defend itself," as the imbeciles describe this aggression) is also a war against Europe. But of course, who would tell it?

4. Israel's war against the United Nations (until 2002) The Israeli are not totally at war with the UN - they even have their own ambassador in the Security Council. Formally, John Bolton should be the American ambassador but with USA being turned into an Israeli colony, with majorities of the Congress being bribed by AIPAC, priorities have been reordered and each Israel-critical resolution is blocked by Bolton's veto. Of course, Israel feels free to shell the UN in South Lebanon and kill four of the impotent 'peace-keepers' when it suits their interests. The UN-post was shelled for hours and contacted Israeli troops 10 times before the fatal blow. However, they also feel free to ignore several earlier resolutions. Perhaps your MM forgot to tell that when they report about the Israeli adherence to Resolution 1559?

5. Guantanamo prevails (July 30, 2006) What caused relief recently was Bush's promise to close the notorious prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. This received widespread attention. On the metioned date, however, Independent reported: "New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay ... Camp 6, a state-of-the-art maximum-security jail built by a Halliburton subsidiary, will be able to hold 200 prisoners." Undoubtedly, however, there is a need for enlargement: ignoring the Supreme Court, which in June would ruled a military trial system illegal, the White House developed a proposal which would allow the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to those already under the military court's jurisdiction. See you in Camp 6!

Vs. 06/11

1. Israel's genocide in Gaza (November, 2006): although the Israelis hoped that the American election would disguise their crimes, this topic is not really one for the Truth Score - after all, many media reported about the mass killing in Beit Hanun. Does your favorite media belong to them?

2. US on the way to martial law (October, 2006): utilizing the still-republican majority in Congress, acting pResident Bush imposed a new regulation, that permits the consideration of American citicens as 'unlawful combattants' with associated endless detention in a camp without indictment and sentence.  The regulation is disguised in the regulation foreseeing military tribunals.

3. No fly-&-sail-list for everybody (November, 2006): the Homeland Security Department has suggested, that US Citizens be required 'clearance' to leave or re-enter the USA, beginning on Jan. 14, 2007. We shall see if the suggestion is realised; so far (Nov. 11), it has not been reported in MM.

4. Americas crucial defeat in Iraq? (October 10, 2006): What actually happened in Camp Falcon on that evening? A huge amount of ammunition was blown up, but the US denies casualties. Equally propagandistic, a huge amount of casualties are reported. Notably, the attack was carried out with a small force and the destruction resulted from US munition - but afterwards, both the Americans and the British started to talk about leaving Iraq. Do you remember the last helicopter leaving the American embassy in Vietnam, shall we see the scene again in Baghdad?

5. Vote-fraud in the United States (November 7, 2006) What caused relief recently was the defeat of the Republican Party at the midterm-elections. However, this was not due to particularly honest voting but in spite of extensive vote-fraud (one example from Florida). Worse, America is still a one-party state with two rightist political wings. ~80% of all US votes were tabulated on electronic machines and every one of those have failed even the most fundamental proof-of-performance test. The Democrats support the Israeli terror, the War in Iraq and refuses to impeach the president and vice-president for their many crimes. Independant candidates in the congress are rare, in the senate there is even only one really independant  senator (not counting AIPAC's delegate).

Vs 07/03

1. FDA's moral decline (ongoing process): Previously, the American Food and Drug Administration was respected as the consumer's best protection against a ruthless industry. With its sabotage act towards ethical research politics, it has become clear years ago that the consumers lost that protection what drugs are concerned. But also the food section has succumbed to the industry. Genetical modified organisms may be dangerous to your health, but FDA prevented its being notified on your foodstuff. A recent information is typical of this trend: "The FDA announced new rules for food growers in an effort to combat food poisoning. However, companies are not obligated to follow them" (Raw Story)

2. Shamelessly open new colonism (ongoing process): Nobody can be a presidential candidate without bowing their head to AIPAC, the main lobbyist in Washington. This infamous organization is seconded by the so-called 'Anti-Defamation League,' which is cursing every criticism of being 'anti-Semitic'. Meanwhile, a foreign country boasts with the question, "Who is the best President for Israel?" meaning the worst for America. While young people are dying in USA's wars for Israel and for their own billionaires, social derangement in the United States progresses - and the small wealthy country receives its billions.

3. Not yet War with Iran (as of March 13, 2007): Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which permits it to utilize nuclear energy for a power-station. Nothing else has it demanded. Also the self-enrichment of uranium is in accordance with that. There is absolutely no legitimacy for the war-drums against Iran. The massive fleet accumulation in the Persian Gulf - and the presence of a nuclear armed Israeli submarine, possibly for a false-flag action - promotes the feeling, that a warfare is a matter of timing only. "Top House Democrats retreated from an attempt to limit President Bush's authority for taking military action against Iran" [AP].

4. Prison in 15 years for a fairy-tale (January 9, 2007): On this day, mr. Motassadeq was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a strange process in Hamburg. The trouble with this sentence is, that there is no proof that there were any hijackings on 9/11. On the contrary, the extensive work from FBI (in particular) and the American government to cover the event up, comes like a confession of complicity. I hope that Motassadeq will soon be freed from this justice scandal.

5. Loss of freedom in the US (ongoing process) Starting with the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act, prepared before 9/11 and gently looped through the congress in the wake of that surprise, the Bush administration (which stole the presidency twice) had gradually dismantled civil rights. The new 'American Inquisition' is typical for the primitive gangster syndicate presently in charge of the American government. The state spies on its subjects and feels free to violate any civil rights. The former president was impeached for a (well-prepared) sex scandal - the present acting (while never elected) president is safe for and by his numerous crimes.

Vs 07/08

1. American progress to dictatorship (ongoing process): In early August, both senat and house approved a bill that would allow the pResident to expand his domestic spying program according to which the government can do anything to your computer (read your eMails, check what websites you visit, activate webcams and microphones and copy or delete your files). On July 17, an executive order allowed the government to seize the property of anybody they determined was undermining the Iraq War. Protesting against this tragedy has become a crime in itselt. Back in May, Bush signed another executive directive which in the event of a "Catastrophic Emergency" will make him a dictator. We can trust that the MM will soon present the repetition of 9/11 without posing any questions.

2. Terroritis or terror-attack in London/Glasgow? (June 2007): We are excluded from evaluating what really happened, but early reports from alleged terror attacks make one wonder, why no questions were posed. In general, doubt of the official reports is recommended: "The car was parked ... with all four doors open and the headlights on," reports the Guardian and CNN adds, "The second car had been parked ... where parking is not allowed." Q: Were these cars inviting to be found? Why were Mercedes-cars selected if the explosion was going to come from within? Where was the proof of correlation of the two incidents in London and Glasgow? Why were two suididers for one car needed? Was the burning car in Glasgow possibly resulting from a traffic accident?

3. Not yet War with Iran (ongoing process): Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which permits it to utilize nuclear energy for a power-station. By the end of July, IAEA-inspectors entered the nuclear plants - and the Mainstream Media were almost silent. Brasil and Libya also wanted nuclear powerplants  with own uranium-enrichment - and no scream was heard. In the meantime, the war-drums against Iran continue (see also previous Truth Score). Like the false translation of the "wiped off the map" speeech of the Iranian President, nothing can be done to prevent this aggression.

4. The largest loss of life from the 9/11 attack (2001): The terror attacks from 9/11 is believed to have claimed ~2,800 lives. Whoever can read and does not limit his scope to MM will soon realize that the official fairy tale is a ridiculous conspiracy tale, that the real criminals are to be found in Washington, New York, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But do you know that around 10,000 people in New York suffer from respiratory dieseases related to the toxic dust released from the collapsing skyscrapers?  Lawyers have sucked $47 mill. out of the $1 bill. WTC insurrence fond, money that should go to cops, firefighters and other workers with illnesses caused by the toxic exposure at Ground Zero, of whom many have died already. Instead, it has paid just $45,000 to a carpenter who fell of a ladder.

5. Holocaust industry (ongoing process) Similarly, lawyers are the big and shameless winners in the game presented by the billions of dollars, gained from German and Swiss banks some years ago. Simultaneously, so-called 'Holocaust survivors' (definition widening) have protested against a ridiculous diet received while the mentioned bank billions remain largely untouched (except for the lawyers 'expenses')

VS 07/11

1. New Osama video hoax (Sept. 7): All you need for playing Osama bin Laden is a white cap, a long beard and an Arab tongue. Never mind any discrepencies to the late ObL, the massive propaganda from the MM doesn't ask such questions, and if a lie is repeated often enough, it apparently becomes the truth - unless you read the article above or the study of Michael Rivero.

2. Playing with fire - new "harmless" weapons (November 2007): Not only so-called 'terrorists' are in danger of being targeted with the electronic weapons, careless policemen are using the taser-weapons for exposing their power towards innocent civilians protesting against anything. So far, more than 150 have been killed in 2007 in USA and Canada. Worse, a new beaming weapon, 'active denial,' is being tested in Iraq. It is causing unbearable pain but (on torture survivors) should not leave any marks.

3. 'Depleted Uranium' scandal (ongoing process): While it emerges that the depleted uranium dispersed in Iraq is causing more deaths than the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the scope of an emerging war on Iran with nuclear weapons is being dealt with as causing merely 'collateral damage' in the Mainstream Media.

4. American start of cold war practices (September 2007): At the end of the cold war, in 1990, USA signed an agreement of banning missiles from Europe. The short-sighted press seems to forget that the attempt to build up the missiles shield in Eastern European countries, allegedly to protect America from Iranian missiles, is a violation of this treaty. Obviously, this argument is not stupid enough.

5. Big Brother's entrance to Europe (Sept. 15) What the national governments could not pass over their sovereign's heads was then introduced by means of a directive from the European Union. Denmark was the first country, followed by the UK on Oct. 1, to introduce the rule, according to which all internet trafficking and all telephone connections are stored. Formally, this information can only be surveilled when the authorities present a judge's demand - and we nevere lied before. Remarkable was the absense of protest in the affected countries - at least, such has not been published in the censored MM, but that can harly be called strange.

VS 08/02

1. Support of continued warfare (American primary elections): In the beginning of February, there were only 2 Democatic and 4 Republican candidates left - yes, four Republicans, you read correctly here but the MM treat the fourth candidate with negligence. I shall risk to name him: Ron Paul. The Texan congressman is the only clearly anti-war candidate and the only one, who is not corrupted by the pro-Israel lobby; he is the only one who is clearly opposed to the constitutional crimes committed by the present administration. By neglecting him (and the vote-fraud connected to these elections, evident already by the primaries), the MM have identified themselves as clearly pro-war. They have thereby presented  themselves as opposed to the American public who - in other polls - have identified themselves as opposed to the wars started by the present evil leaders of the USA. Deal with it!

2. The cable sabotage (Jan. 23 - Feb. 06, 2008): Unknown to most of the World, an 'epidemic' of undersee cable disruption has occurred, involving at least 8 communication cables from Marseile to Malaysia. Annually, there is at worst only 1 such cable disruption. Whoever is responsible can only be assumed, but there were no vessels at sea-level as the crimes were committed. Also speculative is the purpose of this sabotage. Was it a test or a prelude to warfare? At least, merely Moslem countries were affected, giving some suggestion (together with the possession of submarines) to the identification of the culprits.

3. NATO extension to the Russian borders (ongoing process): The previous defense union has now emerged as a lame supporter of American aggression - Worldwide. Incredibly ignored by MM is the full implication of the so-called 'rocket-shield' with bases constructed in Poland and the Czech Republic. These are offensive weapons, directed against Russia and not, as claimed, against Iran and North Korea. This claim is simply ridiculous for anyone with basic geographical knowledge. Given the sad change of this and the previous American administrations (Bush and Clinton dynasties), we should slowly acknowledge that the Western countries have turned to be allies of an evil power, even if that could previously label itself as the protector of freedom. There is a need for rewriting history. Stop the War, we are at the wrong front!

4. Kosovo Independence (February 2008): In the same direction, the run for an independence of Kosovo from Serbia must be seen. This is an illegal action, long prepared by the present administration of the province with American support. A distinctive report of the false-flag action is given here.

5. Lockerbie inconsistencies (2007) Speaking about false-flag actions, here is another one which has been shaken by recent revelations: the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.

VS 08/05

1. Syrian reactor claim: In an act of warfare, the Israeli air force bombed a building in the Syrian desert, close to Euphrates. In April, the MM started a new propaganda war, claiming that obviously manipulated photos demonstrated a similarity to a much larger North-Korean reactor. Like the claims for Iran working on a nuclear bomb, the MM are hoping (not without reason) that endless repetition of a lie shall make it gain the status of the truth.

2. The murder of the 'DC-Madam' (May 1, 2008): Several politicians sighed loudly relieved as the chief of the former Washington call-center, who has recently been indicted for 'prostitution,' allegedly committed suicide - or did she? She had had a 2-foot-wide box she suggested carried materials related to her infamous court case. "This is my evidence,"she said, but where is now the box? And why did she travel home to her mother in Florida to commit suicide? Committing a murder may be a routine job for the professional killer - covering up must be something similar for the professional journalist.

3. Hillary Clintons vote-fraud (ongoing process): The American election procedure is an odd event. The expendituous show has little to do with democracy, explaining why an asocial regime, leading war  after war for another nation and sacrificing its own citizens, can seemingly enjoy popular support.  Increasingly, the vote-fraud broadly seen under the last two presidential elections, is finding its way into the primaries. The automated process related to the voting machines, prevailing a recount of the votes, is obviously hacked. This explains Hillary Clinton's 'victory' at the primaries of New Hampshire, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania in contrast to the exit polls (which are also subject to a milder vote fraud). Like the vote-fraud Bush-vs.-Kerry, it always goes in the same direction.

4. Tibetan independence demonstrations (April 2008): Suddenly, in the wake of the Olympic flame-show, a Tibetan small uproar suddenly and quite unexpectedly turned up, both inside Tibet but foremost safely carried out in Western countries. I have no sympathy with the harsh Chinese rule over Tibet, but the attention demonstrated by the MM was spectacular. "CNN has had 46 stories on Tibet this week and 0 about Palestine", a blogger notified in the middle of April.

5. Palestine - again (ongoing process): The daily discrimination, suffered by the Palestinian people, deserves much more attention than it is given in the news media. Take as an example the murder of Reuters cameraman in his clearly press-marked car, shown in his last filming shown in the Times. "Israel had used a controversial type of tank shell which scatters metal darts, or flechettes, around the surrounding area after exploding," the article said - and indeed, four teens were killed simultaneously, also shown in the video-clip.

VS. 08/09

1. War in Georgia (Aug. 8-12., 2008): This was an unusual occasion to see the phantastic propaganda war, ignoring (though admiting) the fact that Georgia started the war, described by me in details in "Attack on South Ossetia." The claim that Russia was using excessive force in the short war, Putin asked if they had also expected them to stop at the border in World War II. Strangely enough, although the consequence with an insane Georgian president might be a nuclear World War, several leading Western politicians have propagated their loyalty to the Georgian government and even demanded the Aggressor to join the NATO.

2. Next step in the economic breakdown (Sept 15, 2008): With the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers and the rapid, forced sale of Merrill Lynch, the credit crisis took an important further step (to be continued). Worldwide, the results were felt - globalisation implies that if there is something wrong somewhere, it will be felt globally. In the meantime, money presses are working overtime and the losses of the capitalists are being transferred to taxpayers and increasing poverty - an aspect not discussed in the MM.

3. McCain's desparate selection (End of August 2008): The ailing American would-be President was good for a surprise with the choice of Sarah Palin as VP-candidate. She is highly incompetent for presidency but the vote-fraud discussed in the former truth-score.and the massive censorship in the US makes us fear the worst. ’Troopergate’, the first serious scandal in Gov. Sarah Palin's administration, has roots in a family feud. It erupted into public view with the July 11 firing of the state's top public safety official.

4. "I just obeyed orders," (July 7 2008): A blindfolded, backbound Palestinian was shot in the foot by an IOF (Israel Occupation Force) soldier, who was promptly released after referring to orders given by an officer, who was also not greatly punished. B'T selem waited two weeks after reporting the incident, then - as nothing happened - released a video, taken by a teenage girl. She and her family are now the ones getting punished by unsatisfied Israelis who shoot against the house every now and then.

5. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist (ongoing process): A 7-year-old Minnesota boy has been on a terrorist watch list since he was two. He's been prevented from boarding aircraft and his parents has spent the past 5 years attempting to clear his name (a sick society, it seems).

VS. 09/02

1. Financial Crisis (2008 and going): Who is behind this unique debacle, the global financial meltdown? Why are no big swindlers punished and responsible bankers even rewarded? What did the big banks do with their part of the 'bail-out' - from the acquisition of luxury jets to different firms is the talk in alternative media. Profits are private and losses are social!

2. Swindler's List (Nov. 2008): B. Maddow suddenly admitted to have betrayed his clients, causing a damage of legendary 50 billion dollars. Strangely enough, we still (Feb. 7, 09) only have his own words for that round sum - how much was it really?

3. Breaking the Gaza Ceasefire (Nov. 4, 2008): Israel blames the desperate (while ineffective) Qassam rockets for the war, but it is a fact that the rockets were halted, until Israel definitely broke the 6 months cease-fire, started in June, on Nov. 4 with the killing of 6 Hamas members by airborne action. Before, they hungered Gaza out to the edge of, or perhaps beyond, a humanitarian catastrophe. No wonder, such an immaterial cease-fire was nothing for the ruling (elected) power of Gaza to prolong.

4. Israel's  2nd  Gaza-War (27 Dec. 2008 - 19. Jan. 2009): Well-prepared and provoked, the masters of destruction exercised their forces shortly after Christmas. In a very bloody warfare in the most populated area of the World, more than 1300 people were killed, by far most civilians and ~ 1/3 of them children. Some 60,000 houses, including several complete quarters, were pulverized in the worst citicide since the 2nd World War. Several grave war crimes have been committed in need of further investigation; in addition, there is enough photographic evidence documenting the abuse of the C-weapon white phosphor against civilians, resulting in horrendous and often fatal burns (other new weapons may have been tested on the occasion). Although many politicians and publishers followed the call for aid of their masters in Jerusalem, the public in the whole World reacted more appropriate to this incredible abuse of power.

5. Genocides (Jan. 2009): To distract the public from the horrors of the current genocide, an old ghost was taken out of the cupboard. It cannot be discussed - at least not in certain states, which have cemented it into a law-enforced dogma, but endless repetition is anyhow for what the mainstream media is good for. This is a webpage from Germany ...

Vs. 09/08

1. Obama and Guantanamo (2009): One of the new American president's promises was to close down Guantanamo. The incidentally grasped prisoners are still waiting. The press repeats that they are dangerous.

2. Obama and Iraq (2009): Another promise was to bring the soldiers home from Iraq. Don't worry, Haliburton, they will stay, except the ones that are transferred to Afghanistan. They have only largely been taken away from the big cities.

3. The Gaza Ghetto blockade (2009 ongoing): Neglected by the press is the persistent hunger-blockade to the devastated Gaza-Strip, home to 1,5 million Palestinians. While the Israeli government continues its conquest of the West-Bank, Jerusalem and the Syrian occupied area, their strategy in Gaza is obviously another, perhaps to be compared with the Warsaw Ghetto during WW-II.

4. Palestinian parliamentarians (2009 ongoing): Let us also not forget that Israel - to its own concept a model democravy in the Middle-East - holds more parliamentarians in prison thanany other country in the World; people whose only 'crime' was to be elected in a popular vote are jailed indefinitely.

5. Afghanistan (2009 ongoing): This egg was laid in Obama's nest by the Neocons, but 38 nations participate in this lunacy, now under the auspice of the former defence union NATO. They try to claim (and the MM repeats uncritically) to defend our freedom at Hindukush. The last who conquered Afghanistan was Alexander the Great, and also that did not last long.

Vs. 10/01

1. Obama and Nobel's Peace Price (Dec. 2009): The Commander in Chief, who failed to correct any of his predecessor's crimes, has joined a list also including war-criminals as Menachem Begin and Henry Kissinger. He had better declined. The MM were cautious with criticism.

2. Afghan My Lai Massacre (Dec. 28, 2009): American mercenaries were probably the culprits behind a spectacular crime involving the execution of several handcuffed children shortly after Chtistmas. The Times had uncovered the scandal but failed in following the scandal further, as did the rest of the MM. It is a great help for the occupiers in their efforts to cover the crime.

3. The pants on fire (Dec. 25, 2009): Anti-terror officers live from public anxiety and do their best to increase our terroritis by recurrent happenings, as the dubious case from Detroit. Although nothing serious really happened, Michael Chertoff used it in his new job for selling the (useless) total body scanners - or was that the motive for orchestrating the hoax? At least, MM raised no questions - read them here.

4. Goldstone-Deniers (Sep. 15, 2009): The South-African judge Richard Goldstone, already an important character in the succesful fight against another racist regime, made an important step against another such government, probably without wanting it. At least, the MM reported about the UN commission which carries his name. The report, which notes some of the Israeli war-crimes during last New Years offense against the Gaza-Strip, deserves respect and the criminals transferred to jail. Instead, politicians of the Western Hemisphere shamelessly meets the culprits and MM applauds.

5. The Gaza Ghetto blockade (2009 ongoing): Neglected by the press is the persistent hunger-blockade to the devastated Gaza-Strip, home to 1,5 million Palestinians. While the Israeli government continues its conquest of the West-Bank, Jerusalem and the Syrian occupied area, their strategy in Gaza is obviously another, perhaps to be compared with the Warsaw Ghetto during WW-II.

Vs. 10/04

1. The people vs. the banks (March 6. 2010): Their government had driven them into eternenal poverty by their bail-out of British an Dutch speculators, who had hoped for high interest and found instead a collapsed bank. Why should general citizens pay for such failure? 93.1 % of the Icelander thought so while 1.6 % supported the government. The MM reported so, though with an other tenor. Meanwhile, the rest of the World can speculate, why only Icelanders can be allowed to vote against the banks and servile politicians.

2. Wanted, dead (not Alive) (April 7, 2010): In their terror-loaded fight against the dead nemesis, Osama bin Laden, the Americans now pronounced another man free for extra-judicial killing. Most of the media did not condemn this unlawful action but noted that it was the first time an American was given the honour..

3. Armig Israel for its war against Iran (March 20, 2010): Largely unnoticed was the transfer of American bunker-blasting bombs to the Island of Diego Garcia for explicit use of Israel in their attack on Iran. Since these are radioactive (and even more when their target is a power-station), you can talk about a nuclear war. Let me remind you of Ahmadinejads words to Bush: "You can start a war, but you won't be the one who finishes it!"

4. Israeli ethnic cleansing accelerates (April. 11, 2010): "A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to 7 years," Haaretz reported, and further: "The infiltrator [shall] pay for the cost of his own detention, custody and expulsion." The day after, another method of this human-hating regime was shown, starving the Arab population out of the  occupied territories: Israeli authorities closed off the main water source used for agriculture in a Jordan Valley village. [The Israelis were] dispensing 5,000 m³/h water, largely benefiting the nearby settlements as Bardalah only got 65 m³/h water before they stopped pumping, according to Maan.

5. AIPAC is strong but stupid (April 2010): In USA, 3/4 of the politicians in the House of Representatives, and later the senate, signed a document of high treason, whereby they settled their status as Israel's whores. That should make it easier for American electors, who want their representatives in the Congress to deal with foremost American issues, to avoid electing anyone from this list.

There are two reasons, why I am so occupied with Israeli issues: first, their influence in the World's mainstream media is enormous and there (frequent) crimes are therefore largely concealed; and secondly, this small nation is the major obstacle to peace in this world, and probably the only existing racist regime (read: Apartheid)

VS. 10/11

1. Israeli occupation – and no end (continuous) Are the Americans so stupid, or do they merely behave so? Their suggestion [Nov. 14], to buy 90 days settlement freeze for 20 F-35 jets, indicates serious misjudgment of the situation. The apartheid regime, never so racist as today, has no intentions of making peace but shall gladly accept a (fruitless) prolongation of talks – and thanks for the planes! Israeli settlements now control 42% of West Bank, East-Jerusalem excluded.

2. Wikipedia Cablegate (Nov. 29, 2010) For the third time, Wikipedia hit the Americans hard with the publication of 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, of which 15,652 were classified. In the turmoil, it was forgotten to consider, who might have given Mr. Assange the unusual present. I believe there are only two intelligence spy organisations that are capable of the selection: NSA and Mossad, and then the choice is easy. The Embassy in Tel Aviv, probably the busiest of all, is only 4th in line of the amount of cables (Netanyahu knew beforehand that it was not dramatically for Israel – he should know). The usual Al-Qaida gossip prevails mixed with other sorts of Islamophobia. The Embassy in Ankara, in quantity the winner of the race, gets it part of that. The ghost of Osama bin Laden (who died almost 9 years ago) is claimed to be alive and Iran can, with the help of North Korean missiles, disperse its (nonexistent) nuclear bombs to Europe – enough of that stuff to tell the address of the producer making the selection, but unfortunately also to make the idiots nervous.

3. Korean confrontation (Nov. 20, 2010) North and South exchanged grenades, and as usual, it all started as the other hit back. For the curious only – not referred in the mainstream media, - the South started shelling the waters short of the North Korean beach, which made their opposing soldiers, anyhow always with the finger on the trigger even in sleep, nervous. Diplomatically, the United States sent their fleet to the Chinese Sea to participate in the long planned manoeuvre. This takes place near the island where a foreign power carried an almost war-creating false-flag attack in the springtime, as described in Deep Waters.

4. Toxic legacy of 9/11 (Sep. 11) Few people know that the tragedy left a toxic legacy that will claim more lives than those lost on the day itself [9/11] - 817 deaths of WTC responders from illnesses generated by working on the site are already recorded. 410,000 people were heavily exposed to WTC toxins causing restrictive respiratory illnesses and cancers. But there are slightly positive news for the affected survivors: More than 10,000 firefighters, labourers and police who sued the city will collect a total of at least $625million compensation.

5. State-level Bail-out (Nov. 2010) Suddenly they tell you that you have used too much money because your government used astronomous amounts to bail speculant banks out. The money used for this action are at first fictional, later perhaps printed out by central banks, but the money which is taken from you to ‘pay back’ these banks are real.

V. 11.04

1. 'Peaceful' Obama- the American president suffered early 2011 three important set-backs, which would have prompted an honest man (but not a politician) to deliver the undeserved peace-prize back: 1. The non-indicted prisoners of Guantanamo can rot up there forever (without sentence, the American Inquisition extended). 2. His government again showed who decide policies as USA was forced to veto the illegal Israeli settlements being termed - even illegal. 3. With the war against Libya, the tradition of the former administration was continued.

2. Libya war (March, 2011) Without Congress approvement, USA joined some European nations in their warfare against Libya (without knowing whom they thereby may have supported). A "no-fly zone" is an act of war, in particular how it is interpreted. In their eager to 'protect the civilians,' these are bestowed with depleted uranium from the heavy bombardement. Certainly, Ghadafi is not my friend, but neither is a pro-Zionist 'World Policeman!'
3. Nuclear Disaster (March 11, 2011) After a record-strong earthquake and a more devastating tsunami, the World's third major disaster (after Harrisburg and Cernobyl) demonstrated that Murphy's laws (1. law: anything that possibly can go wrong, goes wrong; 2. law: even if it can't, it sometimes does) is also valid for nuclear power. Adding to the disaster, though seldom reported, is an amount of used fuel-sticks, much larger than the present active ones. Nowhere in the World has this problem been solved - except partially in the USA, where it is 'exported' as munition in the so-called 'depleted Uranium'.

4. Itamar-hoax (March 11-12, 2011) In the middle of March, a family of 5 in the illegal Jewish settlement of Itamar by Nablus were brutally stabbed to death. Nobody were charged with the crime, but the Israeli government immediately used the occasion to permit further 500 houses being built in the settlements. Simultaneously they raised a gag-order in the case, so that Israeli and Palestinian Newspapers were prevented reporting that the murder probably was not a Palestinian but a Thai laborer, who had not been paid for his work (a general problem in doing business with the chosen people). Unfortunately, the Western MM also felt obliged by the gag-order, so the theft of Palestinian soil continues.

5. Kiev remains silent (March21, 2011) In late February, a Palestinian engineer from Gaza was abducted by Mossad in Ukraine, where he was seeking citizenship (his wife and children hold such citizenship). About four weeks later,Shin Bet (the Israeli internal security service) confirmed that it is holding Abu Sisi at Shikma prison in Ashkelon. No charge has been raised and no excuse pronounced. Mossad, which last year murdered a man in Dubai, feels permitted to act similarly - anywhere in the World.

And the Ghetto of Gaza? It is still isolated and out-hungered, an extended warcrime.

Vs. 11.10

1.Israel’s desperate preparations (2011). Since 1967, Israel has broken all International conventions and colonized the West Bank (further ethnic cleansing not commented here). Under the pressure of Palestine’s UN application, this process has been greatly accelerated in 2011. It is ignored that Palestine was recognized already in 1947 by the UN – within considerably larger borders than those from 1967.

2.Faking the polls (Autumn 2011). USA is a single-party country with two rightist wings, controlled by corporations and billionaires. George 2nd Bush cheated himself twice to the American presidency and now already the straw-polls (mostly won by Dr. Ron Paul by the GOP) were falsely quoted. Most European MM have not heard about him, although he is the only answer to a population living in increasing poverty under a fascist war-thriving government, controlled by banks, billionaires and a foreign state. But perhaps MM’s ignorance is the chance for Dr. Paul to survive – they have an ugly tradition to kill political opponents in the USA.

3.Libyan war (March-October 2011). The ‘Arab Spring’ was a surprise to everybody, the isolate reaction to Libya was it too. On March 4, 2011, NATO, assuming to protect the people, achieved an UN-resolution for a ‘no-fly-zone’ over Libya. The misinterpreting of its text is striking, but not discussed in standardised Western propaganda media. China and Russia wonders how the West from this resolution adopts the right to enter unilateral warfare; may they be wiser, not to spare the World a veto in the future! Even before the unequal war was decided, Libya’s oil was split between foreign companies.

4.Iranian plot (expected since 2006). How can an oral insult suffice for a war? President Ahmadinejad’s wrongly translated quotation of Ayatollah Khomeini (2005: “wiped out of the map”) is taken as an argument. Seen with Palestinian eyes, the Jew’s holocaust cannot be a just argument for further ethnical cleansing. The racist state’s possession of nuclear weapons has not made the World safer. There is no sign of any Iranian non-peaceful use of nuclear material, which is also cited as an argument. I still believe that the Israelis will abuse one of their German donated Dolphin submarines for a false-flag attack on their allies (e.g. an American warship in the Persian Gulf). It may distract the current International attention, which has finally been raised on Palestine’s behalf.

5.Pre-judiciary assassination (Not just since Sept. 30, 2011). With the (unconfirmed) killing of Al Awlaki, some Americans woke up. The murder was attempted by drone attack on the car where the victim, an American citizen, perhaps was driving in Yemen with companions. Al Awlaki was, however, never sentenced, not even indicted; it is not even certain if there is evidence for a criminal behaviour. Personally, I do not care for this American citizen; in the meantime, thousands of persons have been killed by such unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely controlled from Nevada or Tel Aviv. It is characteristical for the declining moral in the Third Millennium that extrajudicial murder has now become widely accepted.


German trojan (October 2011). At least in Central Europe, this grave occurrence was intensely reported even in the MM. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, private computers were infested with a trojan, with which it is possible to control communications (Skype), make screenshots, search the hard-disk and even load compromising files anew on the computer. The trojan was communicating with an American server and had, according to the authorities’ been (ab)used some 100 times without juridical control. So it is possible now that Big Brother is not just watching, he may also be planting false evidence on your laptop.