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I started writing short-stories in 1992 and have kept it up to 2013, some in Danish, some in English, with many (but not all) translated from one language to the other. Currently, only few have been translated to German. Here a compiled survey of short and long stories
It thus seems fair to consider the short differently by links:

All E-books and a survey of all short-stories

Selection from Danish Stories

Youthful story: Skębnens Lod

Selection from English Short-Stories: "The Tunnel and the Cave" - Index

English Short-Stories: from the Terror-War Section

Five stories of  Mr. Smith (incl. What a Waste) = When Civil Servants Fail

A few German stories


Duodecameron takes place in one week in September 2005. Twelve fugitives from the New World Order meet in an Alpine mountain hotel where they exchange stories from their life, untill they separate for an uncertain future within one week after the story starts.

Quite different The American Inquisition and other Essays

To 'literature,' also the autobiographic tales from emergency medicine can be counted, already linked at the index page but here again: VEL MENT (in Danish) and its translation BEST INTENTIONS (in English).

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