This homepage consists of various almost unrelated topics (but related through their influence on me):

Section Prehospital Emergency Medicine:
Available in 2nd Ed.:
"Prehospital Emergency Medicine"
- Challenges and Options in Rescue Services

Landmines do not forget - don't forget them either!

Vel Ment - en Redningslæges erindringer   (in Danish:)

 Best Intentions  (unauthorized translation)

Section Anaesthesia and Research Methodology
"A Philosophical Approach to Anaesthesia" - You know what you don't know?
List of publications since 1985
Quotations from works on research methodology
Alternative methods in anaesthesia  (in German)

Section Palestinian legal crimes:
Palestinians authorities lie and steal in Jericho (2000)
Background for the violations
How to distract your attention from a crime
Modern Censorship
The violation performed in Mamre by Hebron (1997)

Section Literature (Fiction)
Publisher wanted for "The Tunnel and the Cave" :
Read more about this project with four of the short-stories

Section Multiple Sclerosis
For medical staff only:
Survey on topics concerning Multiple Sclerosis
Hypothesis to MS; MS and environmental Factors; MS and infections; MS and interferons; MS and metalloproteinases; MS and TGF-beta; MS and mercury; MS and vitamins; MS and antioxydants; Clinical studies on MS; Natural history of MS (other contributions in prepartion.)


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