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What a mess! This webpage consists of quite a lot of almost unrelated topics (but related through their influence on me). Preferably, you may chose a section to find a way through the jungle:

Section Prehospital Emergency Medicine:


"Prehospital Emergency Medicine"
- Challenges and Options in Rescue Services
Awkward Weapons

Vel Ment - en Redningslæges erindringer  (in Danish)

Best Intentions   Best Intentions as PDF  (one file) (in English)

(in German): Notarzt Dr. Quichotes Kampf gegen die Richtlinien-Windmühlen

(in English) Dr. Quichote‘s Fight against the Guideline-Windmills

Section Anaesthesia and Research Methodology


"A Philosophical Approach to Anaesthesia" - Do you know what you don't know?

List of publications - you wouldn’t believe it then …

A Conflict to Come

Ethics in research methodology

In getting accustomed to unethical behaviour, physicians are
losing the right to decide about the ethics of medical science

Alternative methods in anaesthesia   / (predominantly in German)

Section Multiple Sclerosis For medical staff only

Section Literature (Fiction)

Rudolph Rednose (English)
Rudolph Rednose (Deutsch)
Rudolf Rødtud (Dansk)

Section Alternative Views

Acknowledging the truth behind 9/11 & 7/7 enforces a different view on recent occurrences in the World - history must be rewritten, back to before WW-1

Private Section

No crime for you to have a look, but it is hardly interesting to a stranger



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