Anaesthesia and Research Methodology



briefly described is my ‘last will,’ A Philosophical Approach to Anaesthesia

- a shot in the dark, since philosophers are not anaesthetists,

while anaesthetists rarely can be considered philosophers

Figures from "A Philosophical Approach to Anaesthesia"


Alternativen in der Anästhesie

In a predominantly German section, various issued in anaesthesiology and intensive care are described:


G/E          Title                                                

G             Fluganleitung                                    sevofluran in pediatric anaesthesia

G             Spinalanästhesie                                alternatives in spinal anaesthesia

G             Periduralanästhesie                            alternatives in epidural anaesthesia

G             Epidurale Bloodpatch                          the very treatment for post-puncture headache

G             Präoperative Histaminprophylaxe          combined anti-histaminic blockade

G             Relaxierung und Relaxometrie              typical errors commented

G             OP-Koordination                                principles in the coordination of OP capacity

G             Patientenkomfort                                from the patient’s viewpoint

E              Remifentanil                                                                 a simpler way for better results

G             Nalbuphine                                       wrong use and expectations for a unique drug

G             Wikinger-Anästhesie                           an own anaesthetic principle

E              IRAP                                                                                   utilizing the tourniquet for antibiotic prophylaxis

G             Nasotracheal intubation                      currently out of fashion, these arguments
                                                                      are spared for a time to come

G             ARDS                                               adult respiratory distress syndrome

G             BIPAP                                               a way of ventilation involving less pressure

G             Nicht-invasive Beatmung                     less invasive, whenever possible

G             Immunomodulation                            cheaper may be better

G             Schou’s Intensivkurs in Höflichkeit       imagine you were the victim yourself

G             Sympathicolyse                                 its position in chronical pain care

G             Infusionssysteme                               Photos illustrating how not to do

G             Guantanamo Codes                            The modern interrogation methods in catalogues


Online reviews:

E              Anaesthetics and Upper Airway Reflexes

E              Etomidate  - State of the Art



List of publications


Own quotations on research ethics

Essay (Juni 2010) Im Nebel der Anästhesisten-Erinnerungen

Essay (Juni 2009) Notarzt Dr. Quichotes Kampf gegen die Richtlinien-Windmühlen

Essay (May 2007) The Importance of Timing in Medical Science

A Conflict to Come


In getting accustomed to unethical behaviour, physicians are
losing the right to decide about the ethics of medical science



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